Saturday 29 October


Joined-Up Thinking and Connecting within a Local, National and Global context

9:00am – 1:00pm

Keynotes and Panels

Dubbo Regional Theatre & Convention Centre (DRTCC)

Keynote A Culture of Innovation and Capability

Dubbo Regional Theatre & Convention Centre (DRTCC)

9:10am – 9:40am

Lee-Ann Buckskin, (SA)

Indigenous culture is widely regarded as central to the foundation of Australia’s cultural identity. Its place has been firmly established within government policy frameworks at all levels and this has resulted in a high profile in funding guidelines. But there are significant questions in terms of Indigenous agency within programs and projects. What is best practice? Who defines it? And ultimately does Indigenous agency align with current funding guidelines?
This panel will explore these questions through the observations of leading Indigenous cultural practitioners, providing the broader sector pathways to navigate the development and delivery of Indigenous focused programs from a position of cultural authority.

Panel The Tapestry of Interconnected First Nations Culture: Exploring Different Cultural Authorities in Creating New and Innovative Understandings

Dubbo Regional Theatre & Convention Centre (DRTCC)

9:40am – 10:50am

Karl Johnstone, (NZ)

Rhoda Roberts, (NSW)

Gary Cooper, (WA)

Jim Everett, (TAS)

Moderated by Peter White

Morning Tea

Dubbo Regional Theatre Foyer

10:50am – 11:20am

Keynote Film and New Media - Connecting Rural and Regional First Nations, Nationally and Internationally

Dubbo Regional Theatre & Convention Centre (DRTCC)

11:20am – 11:50am

Ryan Griffen, Series Concept Creator and Producer of Cleverman

Selected as one of only six international television series to premiere at the prestigious Berlin International Film Festival and screening on television networks in Australia, the US and the UK, Cleverman has been one of the most influential television dramas ever produced in Australia.  The series Concept Creator Ryan Griffen will discuss how this high concept re-imagining of Aboriginal Dreaming stories has had a powerful impact on Indigenous communities in Australia and internationally, through broadcast, social media and media commentary.

Panel Magnifying First Nations Voices Through Film

Dubbo Regional Theatre & Convention Centre (DRTCC)

11:50am – 1:00pm

Michelle Broun, Filmmaker

Curtis Taylor, Filmmaker

Darlene Johnson, Filmmaker

Ryan Griffen, Series Creator & Producer

Moderated by Penny Smallacombe

1:00pm – 2:00pm


Dubbo Regional Theatre Foyer

2:00pm – 3:15pm

Parallel sessions of forums, panels, presentations, short talks and hands on workshops at various venues throughout the ARTLANDS precinct

Various locations

ARTLANDS Art Fair: Makers Market

Centenary Pavilion, Dubbo Showground

12:00pm – 5:00pm

Info Session Australian Cultural Fund: Individual clinics by Appointment

WPCC Board Room

1:00pm – 5:00pm

Esther Gyorki, Australian Cultural Fund Program Administrator (National)

Get advice on how to use the Australian Cultural Fund to raise funds for your project. One-on-one sessions for independent artists and arts organisations.

Book your individual appointment here

HANDS ON Master Fibre Makers Gathering

Duck Pond, Victoria Park

1:00pm – 4:00pm

Various Senior Aboriginal Artists (NSW, QLD, TAS)

Master Class Activating the conduct of lawful relationships between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous people when viewing and engaging art and artefacts of Indigenous people and nations

Council Conference Room 1

2:00pm – 3:15pm

Mark McMillan, Associate Professor, Melbourne Law School

Peter West, Lecturer School of Media and Communication, RMIT University

Lorraine Tye, Wiradjuri artist

Linda Elliot, Wagga Wagga Art Gallery (NSW)

There are always two parties in a relationship. When viewing or engaging with Indigenous artists, art and artefacts the place (and role) of the non-Indigenous person seems to be rendered impotent… always an observer, but never a participant. This workshop seeks to make active the non-Indigenous person in engaging with their obligations of be in relation with Indigenous peoples, art and artefacts.

Forum Beyond the Limits: Regional Theatre in the National Landscape

RSL Theatrette

2:00pm – 5:00pm

(Introduction by Julian Louis, Artistic Director, NORPA )

Stephen Champion, Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre (NSW)

Scott Howie, Eastern Riverina Arts (NSW)

Lindy Hume, Opera Queensland

Lily Shearer, Moogahlin Performing Arts (NSW)

Sarah Parsons, Outback Theatre for Young People (NSW)

This forum allows makers, producers and performing arts centres to focus on the demands and unique qualities of contemporary performing arts practice that exists in regional Australia. The panel represents the breadth of performance making and producing from across NSW and beyond. This forum will ask us to consider our own practices and the role we play in developing not only regional theatre but how regional theatre can transform the national performing arts industry.

Moderated by Jane Kreis, Director, Theatre Network NSW

Presented in partnership with Theatre Network NSW

Forum Focus on Festivals

Wesley House

2:00pm – 3:15pm

Chris Gibson, University of Wollongong, co-author of Music Festivals and Regional Development in Australia

Martin Paten, Festival Director, Castlemaine State Festival (VIC)

David Francis, Executive Director, Four Winds Festival Bermagui (NSW) and former Director of the Dartington Festival (UK)

This forum will explore research on the extent and significance of festivals in regional Australia – their contributions to economic development and revitalisation, their capacity to connect communities, extend local leadership and curate new talent. What are the elements that make a regional festival attractive to a broader audience? What are the risks, the pitfalls and problems that often confront festival organisers and host communities? Do we need another  jazz or country music festival? How can a community attract a unique point of difference?  What sparks people’s imagination? A panel of experts will discuss the value of good programming and the importance of community ownership, present some behind-the-scenes tips and insights for success, and share stories of successes and failures.

Panel Outward Bound: New Approaches to Regional Engagement by Major NSW Cultural Institutions

WPCC Auditorium

2:00pm – 3:15pm

Michael Brand, Director, Art Gallery of NSW

Dolla Merrilees, Director, Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (NSW)

Blair French, Director Curatorial and Digital, Museum of Contemporary Art (NSW)

Caroline Butler-Bowden, Director of Curatorial and Public Engagement, Sydney Living Museums (NSW)

Steven Alderton, Director Programs, Exhibitions and Cultural Programs, Australian Museum (NSW)

A panel discussion with NSW major cultural institution speaking about their outreach and project development goals, highlighting the strategies to deliver programs, develop projects and engage regionally.

Moderated by Jennifer Barrett, Chair, Museums & Galleries NSW

Panel We Are Listening But Are You Hearing? Working with Aboriginal and Culturally Diverse Communities

CAC - Yarran

2:00pm – 3:15pm

Sam Yates, Country Arts SA

Jayne Holland, Country Arts SA

Mandy Brown, Country Arts SA

Merilyn de Nys, Country Arts SA

Working with and for Aboriginal and or Culturally Diverse communities is challenging and rewarding but what are the skills needed when talking with these communities? And how do you as an individual or organisation imbed cultural understanding to ensure that your engagement is respectful and inclusive?

Panel Waterlines: Innovative CACD Collaborative Project Connecting Artists and Communities from Bass Strait to the Torres Strait

CAC - Black Box Theatre

2:00pm – 3:15pm

Alison Copley, Tasmanian Regional Arts and Jo Duffy, Tasmanian Regional Arts

Vicki West, Tasmanian Aboriginal artist and Jim Everett, Tasmanian Aboriginal artist

Gwen Egg, Tasmanian artist and weaver

Waterlines is a project that connects Tasmanian regional and remote artists in a distinctive state-wide project. It connects community art with contemporary art making. It connects the Bass Strait to the Torres Strait. It connects Tasmanian Aboriginal Artists with non-Aboriginal artists. The connectedness of Waterlines reaches across cultures, communities, art forms and geographical places.


Panel members include:

Alison Copley & Jo Duffy
Tasmanian Regional Arts

Vicki West, Colleen Mundy & Jim Everett
Tasmanian Aboriginal artists

Gwen Egg
Tasmanian weaver

Dian Lui & Lynette Griffiths
Erub Arts Centre

Florence Gutchen, Nancy Kiwat, Ellarose Savage & Jimmy Thaiday
Torres Strait artists

Panel Digital Extensions

CAC - Coolabah

2:00pm – 3:15pm

Matthew Bennett, Country Arts SA

Louisa Norman, Country Arts SA

Steve Mayhew, Country Arts SA

In remote areas of low population, digital platforms can offer a solution to reaching and sustaining audiences. Country Arts SA has been experimenting in the art forms of Dance and Theatre utilising digital tools whilst embedding a community engagement philosophy across all of the projects. The panel will discuss the contexts, successes and challenges of implementing such notions across a State of Australia using examples from their most recent and current projects.

Panel Regional Variations: Three States, Four Different Approaches

CAC - Kurrajong

2:00pm – 3:15pm

Anthony Peluso, Programs Manager, Country Arts SA

Country Arts SA has been developing artist residences that embed a community engagement philosophy across all of the projects. What are the contexts, successes and challenges of implementing such foolhardy notions across an entire state?

Andrew Gray, Executive Director, South East Arts (NSW)

This presentation explores the opportunities, benefits and challenges of regional arts organisations partnering with metropolitan based arts companies, using the Waterways Museum project created by South East Arts and Erth Visual and Physical Theatre.

Jessica Anderson, Regional Arts Development Manager, Country Arts WA

The Regional Arts Partnership Program is a project in development in WA where peak service arts organisations based in Perth collaborate with regional artists and arts organisations to co-design projects that meet the mutual needs of the sector. A commitment was made to invert the power structure so that this program is region driven and explores new ways of working collaboratively.

Derek Motion, Executive Director, Western Riverina Arts (NSW)

Artlands Anagrams: from Trans Lad to Last Rand; or, Innovation and Ideation: the Regional Artsworker as Careworn Contextualiser. This presentation will use the lens of contextualisation to interrogate what it is arts workers really do in the regions, reshaping words and ideas to attract people, funding, notoriety.

Moderated by Louise Partos, Executive Officer, Artback NT

Info Session Australia Council funding opportunities and how you can be a part of our decision making

RSL Starlight Room

2:00pm – 3:15pm

Pip Witternoom, Director, Peer Services, Australia Council for the Arts

Sandy Collins, Manager, Outreach and Pre Application, Australia Council for the Arts

A 2 part session giving you an overview of the Australia Council grants program and how funding decisions are made. We are recruiting new peer assessors, who are artists and arts workers just like you! So come along find out all about our grants, other opportunities available and how you could become a peer.

HANDS ON MAAS Open Source and 3D Printing Workshop: Beginner Level

CAC - Bindyite

2:00pm – 5:00pm

Deborah Vaughan, Regional Program Producer, Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (NSW)

Sam Choy, Visitor Services, Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (NSW)

This 3 hour MAAS workshop/demonstration is designed for the beginner level practitioner/designer who has been itching to get some basic insights and experience in 3D printing. Learn about the power of open source file sharing and the 3D design work flow. Manipulate basic shapes on a 3D design program and learn how to output. Find out about good sites, platforms, downloads and helpful tips. Take away a small 3D printed copy of a MAAS museum object and an understanding of how to get started at home. Participants will need to bring their own laptop with power cords and download the free software from this site

HANDS ON Paper Bark Flower Workshop

CAC - Wet Studio

2:00pm – 5:00pm

Georgia MacGuire, Wurundjeri Artist (VIC)

Paper bark has been used by Indigenous people across Australia for centuries in a variety of daily activities including cooking, healing and making shelters. In this workshop participants will learn how to make a paper bark flower similar to the ones in my work Emblem 2015. They will learn about the artist’s work and the significance of both the flower as an inspiration to her and why she chooses to use natural materials that reconnect her to culture.

HANDS ON Neural Knitworks: Making Textile Neurons and Craft a Healthy Brain

Dubbo Regional Theatre & Convention Centre (DRTCC)

2:00pm – 5:00pm

Pat Pillai, artist (NSW)

Rita Pearce, artist (NSW)

In this workshop you will learn how to make textile neurons and give you great ideas on how to bring this dynamic brain health awareness project to life in your own community. BYO needles and hooks. Yarn and scientifically-informed patterns supplied, including an easy no-knit version.

HANDS ON Physicality, Play and Connectivity: A Hotchpotch of Physical Theatre, Acro-Balance, Theatre Games plus a bit of Shiatsu, Yoga and Chi Gung

Delroy College (outside ARTLANDS precinct)

2:00pm – 3:15pm

Simone O'Brien, Creative Director, Spaghetti Circus (NSW)

This workshop will be hands on, literally. Using the body to circumnavigate the mind, we will explore how we can use all of our senses to create more authentic and effective ways to connect with each other and our own creativity. Expect lots of games and idiocy.

HANDS ON Using Drama to Effect Change: Assist the Creative Development of New Work Using Improvised Theatre Techniques

Macquarie Conservatorium

2:00pm – 3:15pm

Juliet Scrine, The Eaton Gorge Theatre Company (NSW)

This workshop will demonstrate some of the activities use and will ask participants to be a part of the creative process of their new work. Strategies include improvisation theatre, group work and unblocking the imagination with some entertaining results.

Presentation Refuge

CAC - Brigalow

2:00pm – 3:15pm

Tara Prowse, (VIC)

Refuge is a 5 year interdisciplinary initiative by Arts House that looks at the role of cultural spaces and the arts in preparing for climate related disasters through configuring the North Melbourne Town Hall as a Relief Centre and by working with local community, emergency services, academics and artists from a range of disciplines.

3:45pm – 5:00pm

Panels & Presentations

Various locations

Panel Art in Hospitals: Local Arts Responses to NSW Regional Hospital Redevelopment

Wesley House

3:45pm – 5:00pm

Rachael Viski, Wagga Wagga Rural Referral Hospital Children’s Ward (NSW)

Rachel was selected by Murrumbidgee Local Health District Arts Strategy Panel to transform Wagga’s Rural Referral Hospital Children’s Ward into a healing and hopeful environment. Rachel’s presentation will communicate the challenges of the process as well as what it’s like working with a two-year-old as creative director.

Brigid Palin, Dubbo Hospital (NSW)

A presentation on regional arts entity Base Art, in their linking of the arts with the major health infrastructure project is the Dubbo Hospital redevelopment. The Arts in Healthcare Program will contribute significantly in increasing the exposure of regional people to the arts and linking programs to improving the patient experience.

Bradley Hammond, Arts and Health Curator, Orange Regional Gallery (NSW)

A ground-breaking partnership between Orange Health Service and Orange Regional Gallery makes an extensive range of original artworks available within a health setting. The Gallery is exhibiting works from its permanent collection throughout the Orange Health Service, bringing the collection to over 200,000 people per year. Exploring the collection provides a change in focus for visitors and staff. Regular art tours are conducted by the curator for staff and the general public as well as tailored sessions for Bloomfield Psychiatric Hospital residents.

Tracey Callinan, Executive Director, Arts OutWest (NSW)

The development of an arts and health program in two regional hospitals will be presented, from consultation through to delivery. As part of the redevelopment of Forbes and Parkes Hospitals, Arts OutWest has led this process as part of Lachlan Health Service’s Culture and Arts program.

Moderated by Sam Sangster, Health Infrastructure (NSW)

Panel Doing it Differently in NSW: NSW Model for Regional Arts and Screen Development

WPCC Auditorium

3:45pm – 5:00pm

Samantha Torres, Deputy Secretary, Arts and Cultural, Department of Justice

Courtney Gibson, Chief Executive, Screen NSW

Rhoda Roberts, Head of Indigenous Programming, Sydney Opera House (NSW)

Lisa Havilah, Director, Carriageworks (NSW)

Ken Crouch, General Manager, Northern Rivers Screenworks (NSW)

Alicia Rodriguez Leggett, Executive Director, Orana Arts (NSW)

This panel focuses on how strategic partnerships, networks and collaboration between tiers of government, arts, screen and cultural organisations and artists and practitioners are central to the delivery of high quality regional arts and cultural activity in NSW and for the development of resilient, innovative and self-determined regional arts.

Moderated by Elizabeth Fortescue, Arts Editor, The Daily Telegraph

Panel The Role of Arts Media

CAC - Coolabah

3:45pm – 5:00pm

Gemma Deavin, Supervising Producer, ABC Arts iview

Gina Fairley, National Visual Arts Editor, ArtsHub

Djon Mundine OAM, Bandjalung Curator, Critic and Visual Artist

Eve Sullivan, Editor, Artlink Magazine

Presentations and a panel-led discussion on the role of the arts media in promoting bigger, better and more inclusive regional arts

Panel Arts Addressing Social Issues

CAC - Brigalow

3:45pm – 5:00pm

Debbie Horsfall, University of Western Sydney (NSW and Joy Paton, University of Western Sydney (NSW)

Amie Carrington, NSW Council of Social Service

The story of how using creativity in a research project enabled 26 people living with mental illness in regional NSW to inhabit different identities and present alternative narratives about their lives through the medium of visual and spoken narrative. Stories of Recovery from the Bush demonstrates the empowering and powerful voice of participants that can be heard through creative means of communication and the methods that can be used to achieve this.

Karen Revie and Kim Schneiders and Kitty Taylor and Chris Flood, Interweave Arts (TAS)

Grave Matters is a dynamic presentation exploring how art is being used as a tool to initiate community conversations about death, dying and grieving in developing partnerships between artists and healthcare providers that enrich the greater Tasmanian arts ecology.

Shelley Pisani, Creative Regions (QLD)

Creative Regions produced a verbatim theatre work and children's book to address the issue of Domestic Violence in the Bundaberg Region. Hear about the project’s story building processes, engaging those who have experienced domestic violence in storytelling and the outcomes, some quite unexpected, of the projects.

Moderated by David Dwyer, Director of Regional Arts NSW and Acting Interim General Manager, Dubbo Regional Council

Panel Legacy from Kalgoorlie-Boulder: First Nations Festival

CAC - Yarran

3:45pm – 5:00pm

Barb Howard, Country Arts WA

Gary Cooper, Tjuma Pulka Aboriginal Corporation (WA)

Debbie Carmody, Tjuma Pulka Aboriginal Corporation (WA)

The Artful Leadership for Community Building Leadership Program aimed to support the resilience and sustainability of communities in the Goldfields-Esperance region following the National Regional Arts Summit and Arts and Edges Festival hosted by Kalgoorlie-Boulder in 2014. This was achieved by supporting local leaders to develop their capacity to make a positive difference through communication and embrace the new leadership paradigm of emergence and self-organisation – ‘if it is to be, it’s up to me’. Transforming the Goldfields-Esperance community started as a personal development journey for 15 people and a First Nations Festival has emerged as one of numerous outcomes that have the community taking charge of their destiny.

Panel Artists in Regional Practice: Regional Risk

Council Conference Room 2

3:45pm – 5:00pm

Steve Mayhew, (SA)

Sarah Last, (NSW) The Wired Lab

This conversation will consider the notions of risk in emergent artistic and regional practice; in particular, at the intersection of community-focused experimental practice.

It will be open to those assembled to look specifically at what is currently experimental and what is risky in a regional practice and how does that contribute to a sector conversation.

Small Talks Creative Exchange 2

Council Conference Room 1

3:45pm – 5:00pm

Caroline Downer, Executive Director, Arts North West (NSW)

CreatviTEA: Chat, Create and Connect
CreativiTEA was a series of workshops facilitated by Arts North West for rural women in the New England North West. Engaging in a collaborative creative project, participants communicated shared ideas and experiences associated with living on the land during hard and challenging times including the recent drought that has affected the entire region.

Chrisjohn Hancock, Lieder Theatre Co, Goulburn (NSW)

Taking a Regional Show Overseas

From his experience of touring children, youth and community shows to international festivals around the world, Chrisjohn will share his contacts and connections with the American Association of Community Theatre, the International Amateur Theatre Association and his current work with the Caravan Next project in Europe..

Julian Canny, The Comedy Emporium Geraldton (WA)

Social Enterprise in Regional Arts

As one of only a few arts businesses working in Regional WA, Julian Canny and his team at The Comedy Emporium have been uncovering the need and opportunity for independent producers to operate locally in small communities. As access to the world changes through the Internet, the hurdles of "regional" are being torn down. Performers become one click away from an international market without even leaving the house. In this presentation Julian will outline the case study of the regionally based social enterprise The Comedy Emporium and how its business is to create greatness in its fun makers and creators from Regional WA.

Moderated by Mark Reedman, Executive Director, Arts Upper Hunter

(Small Talks – 5 talks x 15 Minutes x 15 Slides)

HANDS ON Game of Roads: A Life-Sized Board Game Played with People

Macquarie Conservatorium

3:45pm – 5:00pm

Philippa Maughan, Manager Performing Arts Touring, Country Arts WA

A life-sized board game where players experience the highs and lows of presenting a touring show. Played with people rather than tokens, participants need initiative, creativity and a little luck to see them moving forwards or backwards in the game. Are you game?

HANDS ON BOOMDubbo Street Arts Stroll: Guided Tour (Max 50)

Dubbo Regional Theatre & Convention Centre (DRTCC)

3:45pm – 5:00pm

Kim V Goldsmith, BOOMDubbo (NSW)

BOOMDubbo is a business-driven public art project that has started conversations about the CBD of Dubbo and forming relationships – connecting artists with artists, artists with businesses, community and local government – that are expected to have a long-term benefits.

Meet in the foyer

Performance BASIN: As the Water Slowly Disappears, More Than the Old Town will be Revealed

CAC - Black Box Theatre


Eastern Riverina Arts (NSW)

Two hotels, one football team, half a shopping centre, one doctor, retired, a Meals On Wheels service, Church, pub, school, skate ramp, caravan park, lake. This town’s got everything. And everyone. 400 people or thereabouts live here… If you listen, you can hear their voices, stretching back to a time when, like many country towns, this was a town of promise, optimism, growth, and goodness. Hear their stories of love, loss and … water. Working with seven Riverina-based writers including published novelists, playwrights and filmmakers, acclaimed playwright Vanessa Bates developed a new collaborative playwriting model. The resulting production has resonated strongly with its regional audiences and been praised for its beauty, authenticity and emotional power. Basin comes to Artlands after an initial tour of eight Riverina venues and features a creative team of some of the region’s most respected artists. Basin is produced by Eastern Riverina Arts and supported by the NSW Government through Arts NSW’s Regional Theatre Fund.

Presentation Showcasing Creativity: Programming and Presenting First Nations Performing Arts

RSL Starlight Room

3:45pm – 5:00pm

Mandy Whitford, Applied Research Associate, Australia Council for the Arts

Showcasing Creativity is the latest study in a series commissioned by the Australia Council for the Arts with the aim of supporting the sector to close the gap between interest and attendance; thereby connecting more Australians to First Nations arts experiences and increasing opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists.

Showcasing Creativity reports on the level and types of First Nations performing arts programming in Australia’s mainstream venues and festivals; the presenting of works to audiences; and the motivations and obstacles for presenters and producers.

It provides an opportunity and evidence base for the broader arts sector to examine decision making processes about programming, presenting and marketing First Nations works to Australian audiences. It aims to promote and inform discussion about what is needed to achieve a culturally ambitious nation that cherishes First Nations arts.

Times are indicative only and may be subject to change.

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