Alicia Rodriguez Leggett

Alicia has a colourful background that includes broad international experience in the visual arts world. Born in Cuba, Alicia grew up and has lived much of her life in New York City. She became very interested in fine art when studying Art History as an undergraduate at Rutgers University.  A few years working as an investment banker sent her back to school for her Masters in 17th Century Spanish Art at Syracuse University.

Alicia went on to work in several creative industries such as, a manager for a commercial arts publication. as an art dealer, and commercial gallery director. As Director of Arcadia Gallery of Fine Arts in New York, Alicia brokered the sale of many exclusive artworks and managed a client list that reads like a who’s-who of America’s rich and famous!

Alicia met her Australian husband in NYC and the couple eventually decided to move to Australia to raise their family. After 2 years in Sydney the family moved to the Orana region.  Now her focus is on regional arts and the expansion and support of the artists from the Orana region.  Her emphasis is on brokering opportunities through strategic partnerships and project development. Her focus is also on enriching and supporting our communities with the development of the arts with a concentration on growing audiences for all art forms.

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