Barb Howard

Barb has worked with the Western Australian Goldfields community in the creative industries since emigrating from New Zealand in 1998.

Barb has developed outstanding leadership qualities and takes the time to build strong relationships and a shared vision to create exceptional outcomes. She thrives working in teams, inspiring and encouraging people to reach their full potential and show up as leaders. Barb has a well-developed business knowledge gained from her experience working in a range of creative businesses and non-government organisations and she knows what it takes to succeed.  Barb also possesses a spirit of adaptability and resilience and understands the creative capacity of communication to transform reality.

Barb currently works for Country Arts WA as the Focus Region Manager. She has developed a five-year arts and culture strategic plan for the Goldfields-Esperance region and she implemented an innovative leadership and skills development program to foster local capacity to produce arts projects of excellence. Barb’s area of research interest lies at the nexus between indigenous cultural knowledge and the understanding of land and environmental sustainability.

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