Clive Parkinson

Clive Parkinson is the Director of Arts for Health at Manchester Metropolitan University,  a specialist research unit that explores the relationship between creativity, culture, the arts and health. He is a founding member of the National Alliance for Arts, Health and Wellbeing, and is currently a co-investigator on the Dementia & Imagination project in the UK, which is exploring the links between the visual arts, wellbeing and sense of community. Clive has worked for the National Health Service and voluntary sector supporting people from diverse backgrounds and where possible, putting culture and the arts at the forefront of his work – which focuses on people and their possibilities – not illness and deficit. His public health interest is focused on social justice and inequalities and the unexpected outcomes of arts engagement. He is currently working with partners in Australia, Italy, France, Lithuania and Turkey. Working with people in recovery from substance addiction, he has developed a Recoverist Manifesto and he regularly blogs at:

Supported by the Australian Centre for Arts & Health

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