Kym Rae

Following her PhD and appointment in 2007, Dr Kym Rae has established and directed all aspects of the Gomeroi gaaynggal  programs. She has been meeting with Indigenous families, community members, and organizations as part of this program. The empowering environment she has created is evidenced by a team of 10 staff (6 of whom are Indigenous), PhD and Masters students and national and international collaborations in health research and ArtsHealth. She has ensured the Gomeroi gaaynggal Centre is open to the public as often as possible, as well as holding large community events regularly, so that the local Aboriginal community can visit and see every aspect of the work that is happening there. She is passionate about her work with the Indigenous community and in seeking to ensure her research meets community needs she established the Gomeroi gaaynggal Aboriginal Steering committee. She reports to this group quarterly and they assist in reviewing publications, new research directions, funding plans and appropriate dissemination strategies. She  has received 5 national and international awards since 2012, and the Patronage of the NSW Governor Her Excellency Prof Maire Bashir. These are testament to her leadership in the fields of Indigenous research, excellence in ArtsHealth for Indigenous communities, and improving the health outcomes for Indigenous people.

Dr Rae has led the community based ArtsHealth program that focusses on building the health literacy of local Indigenous women with the support of local Indigenous artists and health professionals. The ArtsHealth program has provided over 22,000 hours of health education to Indigenous Elders, women and their children and hosted community events for both the Indigenous and wider community related to kidney health, nutrition, attended by up to 100 at each event. In addition, 9 art exhibitions of works by Indigenous women have been presented in different cities across regions of NSW, Australia with a further 2 booked for 2016/17.

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