John Saunders

John-Nicholas Saunders is a former secondary school Drama and English teacher and is currently the Education Manager at Sydney Theatre Company (STC).  He holds a Bachelor of Creative Industries (Drama), Bachelor of Education (Secondary) and a Masters of Education (Research). Currently John –Nicholas holds positions as President of Drama New South Wales, Director of Arts Education, Curriculum & Policy with Drama Australia, and Drama Education representative on the NAAE National Advocates for Arts Education.

Prior to joining STC, John-Nicholas worked as a Drama teacher and Head of Department for the Arts at Southern Cross Catholic College.  He has also held positions as President of Drama Queensland, Co-writer of the Senior Drama Syllabus with the Queensland Studies Authority, Chair of the Drama Australia and New Zealand International Conference Committee, Education Consultant to the Brisbane Festival, Playlab Press Board Member, Australian Major Performing Arts Group Education Executive Member, and Chair of the Festival of Australian Student Theatre (FAST).

In addition to this, John-Nicholas is an Honorary Associate at the University of Sydney where he has taught across a range of Arts Education courses.  His masters research focuses on student academic and non-academic achievement through process drama learning experiences in primary schools.  John-Nicholas has presented work at state, national and international conferences as well as at a range of universities across Australia.  He was a contributor to the recently published text Nice Arts edited by Rachael Jacobs and co-authored The School Drama Book: Drama, Literature and Literacy in the Creative Classroom with Professor Robyn Ewing AM (2016).

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