Julian Canny

Julian Canny is a freelance Arts Entrepreneur in the growing regional commercial arts industry. As the Ringleader and founder of social enterprise The Comedy Emporium, Julian works hard to make sure communities in regional WA have access to the skills to produce and create arts content locally. Working primarily as a comedy writer, Julian and his team at The Comedy Emporium facilitate over 47 performers to work within the arts industry across Bunbury, Geraldton and Mandurah. A huge advocate of digital and cloud technology, Julian encourages arts workers and business people to innovate, seek new opportunities and use the Internet to think Globally but act locally. Most of Julian’s team at The Comedy Emporium work remotely, allowing people to live and work in their own communities of Regional WA. Working remotely allows Julian to travel almost every week. Allowing him to be “almost” a local in several communities. As part of his travel schedule he drives between Kalgoorlie, Mandurah, Bunbury and Geraldton. With a growing brand and membership, The Comedy Emporium has seen a large growth in 2 years since its inception. The team of regional Performers under Julian’s leadership will be presenting 26 shows in Fringe World 2016, 3 shows in Adelaide Fringe 2016 and many others in local communities across the state. The Comedy Emporium has been operating out of Geraldton for almost three years. In that time the team has generated over $173,000 of revenue for the local arts sector. With the role out of the pilot youth and adult Improv programs, this plans to double in early 2016.

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