Karen Revie

Karen Revie is a writer, visual artist and teacher who lives and works in Launceston, Tasmania. She has worked in arts for many years with the firm belief that art has the power to effect positive personal and cultural change. Karen currently works with Tasmanian eSchool and Department of Education as an arts mentor and teacher, and is creative director of The Holographic Lounge where she manages digitally projected exhibitions for new media artists. She is a director of Interweave arts where she works with Access Arts Link, an arts mentoring program for people experiencing disability, and event manager for Remade Sustainable Wearable Art Show. In 2016 she looks forward to being a creative director for Streets Alive@The Precinct, a dynamic multi-arts and cultural experience promoting and celebrating community well-being as a vital element of contemporary urban living. Interweave Arts is a community arts organisation whose mission is to use art as a tool to facilitate positive community change towards inclusive and harmonious living.

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