Kim Schneiders

Kim Schneiders is an arts practitioner and teacher in Launceston, Tasmania. A dynamic member of the community she is Founding Director of Interweave Arts, Co-ordinator of Access Arts Link and heads the Visual Arts department at Lilydale District School. In 1998 she founded Interweave Arts with a focus on community, education, culture and environment. Interweave programs include Access Arts Link, an arts mentoring program for people with disability, Remade, a wearable art show promoting environmental sustainability, and Streets Alive, which brings art from schools and studios to the public spaces of Tasmania in arts events, festivals and public arts trails. Art at its most powerful, initiates conversations, stimulates debate and gets people thinking. In alignment with its mission to use art as a tool to facilitate healthy and wholistic living, Interweave aims to present community art projects which contribute to the current shift in modern western cultures from mourning death to celebrating life past and present.

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