Margret Meagher

Margret Meagher is Executive Director of the Australian Centre for Arts and Health. Within a career spanning over 45 years in arts marketing communications, arts and health program development and event management, Margret has spent the past two decades committed to promoting the high impact of arts practice on health and wellbeing, including creative ageing. Margret is a strong advocate for arts, health and creative ageing policy development at state and federal level and increased research into the efficacy of arts and health programs for people across the lifespan and encompassing cultural diversity. Margret was instrumental in the formation of the recently established NSW Health and Arts Framework and is a member of the NSW Ministerial Advisory Committee on Ageing, with specific responsibility for driving its creative ageing strategy. Margret is responsible for convening the annual international arts and health conference ‘The Art of Good Health and Wellbeing’, now in its 8th year, and held in partnership with the Art Gallery of NSW, from 16 to 18 November 2016

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