Stephen Champion

Stephen Champion has been the Manager of the Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre (BMEC) since 2003 and has worked professionally in the performing arts for thirty six years.  In 2008 BMEC won the inaugural APACA Drover Award for Best Presenter. As a performer Stephen was a core member of Circus Oz in its first six years, devised his own works and performed with many groups and individuals including Meryl Tankard, the Nimrod Theatre and Sydney Theatre Company.  Stephen was an Associate Director with Drugie Studio Wrocławskie, Poland (1986) and Associate Director and then Artistic Director of Jigsaw Theatre Company in Canberra (1988 – 1994). Prior to moving to Bathurst Stephen was Domain Manager for the Sydney Festival for seven years, a Production Manager for the Sydney Olympic Arts Festival and Venue Manager of the Domain Live Site for the Olympic Coordination Authority.  Stephen is currently a Director of the Board of Regional Arts NSW and Theatre Network NSW.

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