BASIN: As the Water Slowly Disappears, More Than the Old Town will be Revealed

CAC - Black Box Theatre
Friday 3:45pm
Saturday 3:45pm
free (delegates only)

Two hotels, one football team, half a shopping centre, one doctor, retired, a Meals On Wheels service, Church, pub, school, skate ramp, caravan park, lake. This town’s got everything. And everyone. 400 people or thereabouts live here… If you listen, you can hear their voices, stretching back to a time when, like many country towns, this was a town of promise, optimism, growth, and goodness. Hear their stories of love, loss and … water. Working with seven Riverina-based writers including published novelists, playwrights and filmmakers, acclaimed playwright Vanessa Bates developed a new collaborative playwriting model. The resulting production has resonated strongly with its regional audiences and been praised for its beauty, authenticity and emotional power. Basin comes to Artlands after an initial tour of eight Riverina venues and features a creative team of some of the region’s most respected artists. (Basin is produced by Eastern Riverina Arts and supported by the NSW Government through Arts NSW’s Regional Theatre Fund.)

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