Civil Hands

Festival Club
Saturday 9:00pm
free (delegates only)

In late 2014 Fred Randell returned to his childhood hometown of Dubbo after 18 years spent in the frantic pace of Sydney life. Within the familiar, yet altered, surrounds of the town, with its harsher seasons, the stark summer landscapes and the bitter winter frosts,  an initial album of songs was born in the home studio. Teaming up with fellow like-minded musicians to breathe energy and life into the songs, Civil Hands was formed, with wife, Mandi Randell, sharing the vocals, Dale Freeman on lead guitar, Brad Purcell on drums and Michael Cooper on bass. Civil Hands fashions accessible pop/rock music inspired by the melodies of REM coupled with the reflective storytelling of The National and Shearwater – by way of the mainstream indie sounds of Snow Patrol and Monsters and Men.

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