Master Fibre Makers Gathering

Victoria Park
Friday 1:00pm – 4:00pm
Saturday 1:00pm – 4:00pm

A collaborative project featuring the skills, materials and cultural practices of master fibre makers from NSW, Tasmania and Far North Queensland. Artists will be demonstrating their skills and holding ‘drop-in’ making classes. Artists will bring the material that they customarily work with to demonstrate their fibre making techniques and to devise small and simple objects that the audience can make for themselves. Audiences can contribute to the creation of a large sculptural piece of work as a collaborative process. This work will be based on an adapted design of the ARTLANDS logo as a legacy object from the event.

NSW Weavers:

Joyce Hampton
Steven Russell
Phyllis Stewart
Bev Coe
Clair Bates
Su Lousick
Lauren Jarrett
Tjanara Talbot
Trish McInherney

TSI Weavers:

Florence Gutchen
Ellarose Savage
Jimmy Thaiday
Nancy Kiwat

TAS Weavers:

Jim Everett
Vicki West
Colleen Mundy



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