Roundabout Theatre

Thursday 3:00pm
Friday 9:00am
Saturday 9:00am

Roundabout Theatre’s infamous acts The Cupcakes and The Lollipop Ladies will be seeking you out for random acts of fun and absurd antics in unlikely places.  Roundabout Theatre, based in Mullumbimby NSW since 2003, is a dynamic outdoor theatre company producing interactive and participatory theatre shows for children, site specific performance installation, educational theatre and roving characters which tour both nationally and internationally. Roundabout Theatre’s distinctive comedic performance style and larger than life characters explore delightfully idiosyncratic displays of human frailties, foibles, delusions and aspirations.  Each act is beautifully presented with elegant costuming, elaborate props and a carefully crafted back-story. The result is a captivating aesthetic with an unfolding narrative that transports crowds of all ages into a mischievously absurd parallel universe. Look out for their acts The Cupcakes and The Lollipop Ladies

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