Snake Sessions, Branch Nebula

Skate Park
Friday 7:00pm
Saturday 7:00pm

Sydney company Branch Nebula brings their breath-taking fusion of performance, dance and urban street style artforms to Dubbo, inviting locals to join in making a spectacular show during a week-long residency.

Bodies and wheels tango, collide, pirouette, race each other, and blur into one, in the concrete coliseum of the skatepark, to the driving beats of a live percussion score.

Branch Nebula and its team of professional skaters, BMX riders, dancers and parkourists have wowed audiences from Sydney Festival to Hong Kong, Finland and Chile – now it’s Dubbo’s turn!

Snake Sessions brings an audience to a skate park to share an experience of urban culture as a powerfully dramatic and artistic experience, and a celebration of its virtuosity and inventiveness.

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