Live Music at ARTLANDS

12 Oct 2016 /

If you think it will be hard to choose which conference programs to attend, you’ll be hard pressed deciding what live music shows to see when you are at ARTLANDS. The old cliche’ there’s something for everyone comes to mind when it comes to ARTLANDS. Thursday is easy, we’ll kick off on a high with a performance (delegates only) from Radical Son in the Festival Club House.

Come Friday, you’ll have choices to make. There’s ticketed shows for the critically acclaimed Buried Country: Live In Concert & Mikelangelo And The Black Sea Gentlemen, down at the Castlereigh Hotel Fanny Lumsden will be playing to locals and delegates alike supported by up and coming indie artist Gabrielle Flanagan, and back at the Festival Club (delegates only) Heath Cullen will be on stage following a show from local Dubbo band One Proud Monkey.

The talent doesn’t stop there though. Saturday brings about just as many decisions. Ticketed shows are on offer from Dave Mason (The Reels) & ARIA award winner Brendan Gallagher, Heath Cullen and Mojo Juju.

Armidale based artists Dave Eddy (Festival of Delusion) and Laszlo Szabo (Social Ventures Media) combine to deliver a performance based on experimental digital media and music over at the Western Plains Cultural Centre Terrace with There’s More To It Than Big Hats, Boots And Utes.

Back at the Festival Club (delegates only) local band Civil Hands will warm up the stage for Mikelangelo And The Black Sea Gentlemen.

Image: One Proud Monkey, photo by Tom Hosking