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19 Jul 2016 /


Keynote: Weapons of Mass Happiness

Clive’s keynote will be a gently provocative presentation about reframing the arts and health agenda in terms of social justice and inequalities as being fundamental to any notion of arts and health.  He will also explore the instrumentalisation of the arts in the service of the state. Clive’s presentations are always entertaining, challenging and thought provoking.

Later in the day he will deliver a Masterclass that will explore the multi-faceted potential of culture and the arts in the context of health and wellbeing. This session will look at participants’ aspirations and ideas about their own practice in relation to this growing field of practice and research. From the clinical realities of Palliative Care to communal Public Health, how might we understand contemporary arts in multiple health scenarios without watering down our practice? Part master-class – part group conversation – this session will investigate new ways of thinking, being and doing.

Supported by Australian Centre for Arts and Health

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